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Heart Matters: Your Heart Loves These 5 Foods Dearly

posted on 8/22/2016 Facebook Facebook

Yes, convenience trumps everything in today’s fast paced world. Our daily schedules stacked with household errands, business meetings and other personal commitments; leave us very little time to enter the kitchen and cook a sumptuous and healthy meal. A quick bite of bagel, burger or just a Grande coffee seem to work just fine for most of us.

In this haste what we fail to realize is the ordeal that we unknowingly put our bodies, especially our heart through. While these quick relishes may do just fine to satiate your cravings and make you go through the day; they may not be all that good for your heart.

Did you know heart disease is one of the top five killers amongst the population in India? In ringing with the old adage of ‘We are what we eat’, experts recommend a healthy diet loaded with heart loving nutrients to keep the rising numbers of heart conditions at bay. Simple dietary tips such as keeping away from saturated trans fats, processed foods, and other unnatural heart harming foods are known to us all. However, sometimes what be fail to realise are the simple kitchen staples that could be doing wonders for our heart Here, are five natural foods which you didn’t think of but need to start eating today to take care of your pacemaker.

1. Yogurt
An overload of healthy probiotics, yogurt will protect more than just your heart. In addition to guarding you against heart attack, yogurt which is rich in antioxidant and healthy bacteria aid in building up your immune system, improving digestion and stimulating overall health. Add some fresh berries or granola and you’ve made yourself a heart healthy snack loaded with fiber and other essential nutrients. This creamy delight is also known to protect you from gum diseases, which increases the risk of heart disease.

2. Watermelon
A juicy and sweet slice of watermelon is all you need to keep your heart both happy and healthy. A great source of lycopene, antioxidants and fiber, watermelon not only keeps you hydrated but also protects your from various heart ailments. Other nutrients present in this succulent melon are vitamins C and A, as well as potassium and magnesium.

3. Quinoa
This healthy pseudo-grain, which mind you is actually a seed, is an excellent source of vegetable protein, which is rated higher and better for maintaining a healthy heart as opposed to animal protein. A gluten free source loaded with twice as much as fiber as other grains, quinoa is also rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which are great for your heart.

4. Peas
These little pods of green are loaded with fiber which helps to keep your arteries clean. They are a great weight loss food and thus play an essential role in cutting down the risk of heart ailments associated with increased weight.

5. Tomatoes
Another fabulous source of lycopene and vitamin C, tomatoes are great for your heart. The antioxidant power of vitamin C aid in protecting the arteries and blood vessels from the damage of free radicals. The fiber present in tomatoes helps flush any plaque buildup and offers protection against atherosclerosis.


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