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Start living up to your athletic potential by tweaking your training and nutrition to turn your genetic weaknesses into strengths.

Look at the guy next to you in the gym. He can blast out six-foot box jumps, run a sub-six minute mile, and practically came out of the womb with a six-pack. You? Your mile time has been north of eight minutes since you took the time trial in high school, you gain a pound just by looking at a Boston crème, and when you do tackle a tough work out you’re out for a week with too-tender muscles. Can you chalk it all up to genetics? Or is that just our favorite excuse?

Theanswer to both questions: Yes. “It’s about understanding the geneticinformation you can act upon and designing workout or nutrition plans thatoptimize or improve your chances of reaching a certain checkpoint, whetherthat’s increasing your muscle mass or improving your exercise performance,”.

Whenit comes to athletic and physical performance, genetics can be attributed toabout 50-60 percent of the difference between your skills and someone else’s.The other 40-50 percent comes down to environmental factors like training,diet, and lifestyle habits (i.e. sleep).

Sure,you probably have a good idea what you’re genetically good at and where you struggle. But, do you know what to do about those things to maximize the good and overcome the bad? Click through the following slides and read about which genes could be impacting your "struggle" with certain diet and fitness goals, plus what you can do about them. 

Hunger and appetite gene – FTO>>>

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