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Struggle: Trouble Boosting V02 Max (Oxygen Uptake)

posted on 12/5/2016 Facebook Facebook

Aerobic capacity gene - PGC1A
Having a high aerobic capacity enables your body to work harder during long bouts of exercise. It''s also a sign of good health. Certain variations enable athletes to have better aerobic capacity and a greater baseline of fitness than non-carriers.

Gene for Vo2 max improvement - CKM
The CKM gene impacts how energy is used in your cells and how well you process oxygen, which is important for speed and endurance. If you carry the "endurance athlete and increased aerobic capacity" genotype, you''re in a good place for ramping up your Vo2 max; if you carry the "weightlifting and combat athletes and lower VO2max" response, you''re gonna have to work harder.

Gene for response to low oxygen - HIF1A
HIF1a controls how your body processes glucose, your metabolism, and the formation of red blood cells. Elite endurance athletes have a genotype that yields a greater increase in VO2 max in response to aerobic exercise trainingthan other carriers. 

The hack:
It all has to do with endurance. Aerobic capacity is your Vo2 max, and how you utilize oxygen. Some people have a greater propensity and respond better to Vo2 max-style training (like hill or sprint intervals and high-intensity circuits). If you don''t, you want to force that adaption. There are also extreme measures like training in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber (or wearing those altitude masks that make people look like Bane from Batman), but penciling in more Vo2-max boosting workouts is the safest bet. This interval workout is actually science-proven to increase your Vo2 max.

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