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Family history of Cancer?

posted on 7/5/2018 Facebook Facebook

Do you know most of the cancers are “sporadic” or due to random genetic change and without unidentifiable cause. But 10-15% cancers are caused by harmful mutations that are present within a family and inherited in the next generation. Many family cancer syndromes are caused by inherited mutations in tumor suppressor genes. These are genes that normally keep cells under control by slowing down how often they divide (to make new cells), repairing DNA mistakes, or telling cells to die at the right time.

When you have a history of cancer and you want to screen yourself for predisposition selection of correct genetic test is tough. Therefore,cancer genetic consultation is an important aspect of the care of individuals at increased risk of a hereditary cancer syndrome. Yet several patients, clinician, and system-level barriers hinder identification of individuals appropriate for cancer genetics referral. It entails a discussion about the clinical and genetic aspects of a suspected diagnosis—including the mode of inheritance,identification of family members at risk, and discussion of the benefits, risks, and limitations of genetic testing and helps patients make informed decisions about genetic testing.

Genetic counseling includes collection of family history, patient awareness, identifying appropriate patients for test and guides them through results. Cancer is a complex disease; selection of the genetic test is complicated as overlap of many genes is observed in different cancers. Genetic consultation comes to your rescue at this point of time to choose what is best for you. Also, genetic testing performed without pre- and post-test genetic counseling by qualified clinicians has been associated with negative patient and societal outcomes suchas misinterpretation of genetic test results, inappropriate medical management, lack of informed decision making, violation of established ethical standards, adverse psychosocial outcomes. (ACMGpractice guidelines)

There are many national and professional organizations that provide a certified clinical genetic counselor to consult before any hereditary cancer screening test.

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