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Genetic Risk Prediction - from Labs to Clinical Practice

posted on 8/2/2018 Facebook Facebook

With the metamorphosis in health care industry the tilt shift is increasing the focus on gene based analysis. Genetic analysis which was previously limited to research laboratory is now spreading its roots into direct to consumer market. Genetic profiling test are provided to consumers without necessarily involvement of doctors or insurance company. These test are marketed via television, print media or Internet (especially via social media). Direct to consumer interaction is growing, as evidenced by the research and it holds a major chunk in molecular diagnostics market in today’s highly-competitive global economy.

The growing market for direct-to-consumer genetic testing may improve awareness of genetic diseases, allow consumers to take a more proactive role in their health care. Non-invasive genetic profiling test are very easy to order and get reports in no time. Consumer friendly protocol provides risk assessment for hereditary disease that makes lifestyle management easy. Gene based diet; drug sensitivity and exome sequencing analysis are gaining much attraction to consumer.

Digital marketing, personalized medicine, smooth supply chain management and research database are contributing factor in this entire model of direct to consumer genetic testing services. Easy internet access have made consumer reach effective gaining ample amount of customers. Sample collection device along with logistics are managed by the service provider which makes it less tedious. Extensive research in human genetics, high throughput sequencing technology is giving an indirect support to this direct to consumer model.

Also, this direct to consumer genetic test comes up with few drawbacks and ethical issues which cannot be ignored. Currently an expertise panel is dealing to resolve the issues and improvise the same. With growing global economy and increased focus on personalized care this genetic profiling test are surely going to set next important benchmark in clinical diagnosis.

By: Ruchi Bhajeewala, Genetic Counselor, Positive Bioscience

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this blog are representative of the author and may not express the views of Positive Bioscience. This blog is intended for education and information for the general public. Before making any medical decisions a medical professional must be consulted. All rights reserved.

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