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Genes and Food Preference

posted on 11/27/2018 Facebook Facebook

Have you ever wondered why youchoose chips over fruits, when you are hungry? Knowingly you pick upa burger instead of salad for lunch and then feel guilty for yourchoice. It is your genes that make you do so. According to a newresearch gene can affects the choice of food in individuals. Thefindings could lead to new strategies to empower people to stick toan optimal diet. Gene variation is a result of subtle DNA differencesamong individuals that make each person unique.

American Society for NutritionScientific Sessions states that "Most people struggle in theirdaily diet routine, even if they know it is in their best interest.This is because our food preferences and ability to work affectsroutine. This is an outcome of study done on some brain genes whichaffects the food choice in healthy individual. Medical research haveidentified some drastic genetic alterations in individual with eatingdisorders like anorexia and bulimia, but very little is known aboutthe eating habits in healthy individuals.

The nutrigenomics experts found thatthe genes they studied did play a vital role in a person''s foodchoices and dietary habits. For example, higher chocolate intake anda larger waist size was associated with certain forms of the oxytocinreceptor gene, and an obesity-associated gene played a role invegetable and fiber intake. They also observed that certain geneswere involved in salt and fat intake. . Also, researchers want toinvestigate whether the identified genetic variants associated withfood intake are linked to increased risks for disease or healthproblems.

The new data could be used inprecision –medicine approach to minimize risk for common conditionsuch as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia andhypertension by tailoring diet-based on individual’s geneticsensitivity. Strict dietary control with further modification inlifestyle can be utilized to design gene based preventive therapy inindividuals.

Therefore, next time if you choosepizza over your sprouts blame your genes.

By:Ruchi Bhajeewala, Genetic Counselor, Positive Bioscience

Disclaimer:The opinions expressed in this blog are representative of the authorand may not express the views of Positive Bioscience. This blog isintended for education and information for the general public. Beforemaking any medical decisions a medical professional must beconsulted. All rights reserved.

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