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Glaucoma – a sneak thief of vision

posted on 1/4/2019 Facebook Facebook

Glaucoma is a medical condition that permanently affectsvision of individual. Disease is inherited and symptoms do not appear untillater age in life. Vision damage is due to increase intraocular pressure onoptic nerves that transmits image to brain. Intrinsic optic nerve damage canlead to permanent vision loss in few years if not paid attention. Fluid channelin eyes gets blocked in uneventful situation, but doctors do know it can beinherited, meaning it’s passed from parents to children. Sometimes fluidpressure in eye increases due to rise in stress levels make results in headache,eye pain and appearance of halos of light.

Family history of glaucoma with diabetes increases the riskof occurrence in other members. Complete eye check up on regular interval ishighly recommended for people at risk to avoid irreversible vision loss. Mostlyindividuals over 40 are affected but young adults and children can get it too.Glaucoma shows Mendelian inheritance (young adult onset) and complexinheritance traits (above 40yrs onset).There is two different types of Glaucoma– Open angle and angle closure glaucoma depending upon affected vision area.  Asians are generally affected with angleclosure glaucoma. Difference of both condition is well differentiated by below image



Increased cases of diabetes have also marked a noticeableincrease in glaucoma occurrence. For early detection of one should have acomplete exam (tonometry) with an eye specialist every 1 to 2 years. Ifignored, almost 40% of vision loss can occur without a person noticing.

Recent genome wide association studies (GWAS) haveidentified various genes mutation that contributes to cause and progression ofGlaucoma; with different inheritance relevance among Asian population. Glaucoma-related genes are beginning todefine relevant biological pathways and processes that could be targets fornovel gene-based therapies. Gene discovery enables to develop new genetictest to identify individual risk before irreversible blindness occurs. Withproper genetic counselling and ophthalmic consultation early screening ofglaucoma can be done so the families at high risk can be get benefited fromearly treatment. Pathology and progression of disease can be monitored andadverse situation can be avoided.

By: Ruchi Bhajeewala, Genetic Counselor, PositiveBioscience

Image reference from PubMed and Google search engine

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