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myRisk is a 28 gene tests for detecting the risk of 8 Hereditary Cancers. Provides specific medical management recommendations for patients who test positive or negative based on the guidelines of leading professional medical societies. 28-gene panel that identifies an elevated risk for eight important cancers:

1. Breast Cancer           
2. Endometrial Cancer
3. Prostate Cancer
4. Melanoma

5. Ovarian Cancer
6. Gastric Cancer
7. Colorectal Cancer
8. Pancreatic Cancer


  • I had a very strong family history of cancer. My mother had breast cancer while my father died because of prostate cancer. As cancer runs in families i was always scared so i underwent myRisk test. My reports came negative which relieved me from this constant stress and fear.

  • Both my grandmother and mother had ovarian cancer. I underwent the myRisk test a year back. My reports came positive for BRCA mutation. I underwent a prophylactic surgery which reduced my risk to breast cancer by 95% and risk of ovarian cancer by more than 50%


Reports provides information that allows physicians to:

  • Better understand a patients’ risk for specific health conditions

  • Prescribe more suitable medications at optimal dosages for patients, as needed.

  • Suggest early lifestyle and diet interventions to help control or prevent certain health conditions.

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