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Diabetes is a complex condition. Genetic changes, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle causes diabetes. 

Genetic changes determines severity of Diabetes and probability of getting Diabetes comorbidities

Genetic variations also determines how your body responds to Diabetes medicines, Diabetes diet and exercise. 

Important Genes associated with type 2 diabetes include:

  • TCF7L2 affects insulin secretion and glucose production thus determine severity of Diabetes
  • Variation CAPN10 gene determines how your body will respond to Metformin
  • GLUT2 gene helps move glucose into the pancreas. Variation in this gene leads to Diabetic Nephropathy.


Reports provides information that allows physicians to:

  • Better understand a patients’ risk for specific health conditions

  • Prescribe more suitable medications at optimal dosages for patients, as needed.

  • Suggest early lifestyle and diet interventions to help control or prevent certain health conditions.


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