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Cancer is caused by changes in DNA. Changes in DNA results in abnormal cells growth which form tumors or masses that invade healthy tissue and organs. Traditionally, cancer has been categorized according to its location in the body, such as lung cancer, breast cancer, etc., and most patients with a particular tumor type were treated with the same chemotherapies.

Recently scientists have identified specific genes that are related to cancer growth. As a result, cancer can now be categorized by the underlying changes in DNA, or genomic alterations that drive the tumor’s growth. Even when two people have tumors in the same part of their body, their tumors are most likely different at a basic, molecular level – that is, there may be different genomic alterations causing each person’s cancer to grow.

Genomic testing or profiling identifies the underlying DNA alterations that are driving the tumor’s growth. This information may help physicians understand which targeted treatment options are available for a patient based on their tumor’s unique genomic profile.

Comprehensive genomic profiling cancer tests such as PositiveSelect provide the information doctors need in one single test to help guide a tailored treatment approach using targeted therapies.

PositiveSelect tests can help with multiple possible treatment options, including NCCN-approved targeted therapies in your cancer type, off label drugs which are not in guidelines or novel targeted treatments under development in clinical trials.



All types of cancer patients who are looking for optimum treatment options

Its a must do test for patients in advanced stages of cancer

All rare cancers like Gliobastomas, Pancreatic cancer, Sarcoma,

All cancer patients when the primary site of cancer is not known

Difficult to treat cancers Head and Neck Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Colorectal Cancer

Aggressive cancers like Lung Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Leukemia etc.



PositiveSelect reveal multiple genomic alterations that are driving the growth of your cancer, along with targeted therapies that may work for your cancer. These targeted therapies are NCCN recommended either for your tumor type or for another tumor type. You and your doctor can evaluate the data available in the context of your unique situation to determine which treatment options may be right for you.

Information on which clinical trials are best suited for you as you may be a candidate for a clinical trial or study evaluating a potential new targeted therapy.


Turn Around Time & Technology

Once your sample reaches our lab our genetic experts do RNA sequencing(NGS) of all >22000 genes associated with cancer

Checks for all genomic alterations mutations, rearrangements, expressions, indels, splicing etc,

Test done outside India in CLIA accredited lab

Once the analysis is done the reports are given with information on mutations, pathways and other genomic alterations driving your cancer

Report also contains list of potential treatment option which have the best probability of working in you both from the NCCN, DA approved drug options in your cancer type and other drug options which may benefit you

Report also contains list of all ongoing clinical trials in your cancer type

  • PositiveSelect results gave me hope. I was able to get a targeted therapy based on my genomic profile that worked for my cancer type

  • After going through all of the chemo and infusion therapy, there comes one day when doctor tells you we found something that might help your case.And all of a sudden there is new hope. That case for me was the PositiveSelect results that my cancer was treatable with a drug that had been approved

  • Because of PositiveSelect, I’m back to my office instead of enduring chemotherapy. Positive Select has not only saved my life but also saved the quality of my life. PositiveSelect has given me hope for a future where lung cancer is a manageable disease.”


Reports provides information that allows physicians to:

  • Better understand a patients’ risk for specific health conditions

  • Prescribe more suitable medications at optimal dosages for patients, as needed.

  • Suggest early lifestyle and diet interventions to help control or prevent certain health conditions.

How It Works


It starts with a simple blood draw

We just need 10ml of blood


We read your DNA

Our digital sequencing process gives us a complete picture of your genomics.


You and your doctor evaluate treatment options

Within 30 days, we'll deliver the genomic profile of your cancer, allowing you and your doctor to choose the treatment option right for your unique case

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