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PositiveSelect Lite is a test for newly diagnosed cancer patients, replacing routine diagnostics for most genes. As most routine diagnostic test only one gene at a time, PositiveSelect Lite tests 100 genes, including most genes from NCCN guidelines. PositiveSelect Lite also offers greater accuracy compared to routine diagnostics as it’s done on a newer technology. PositiveSelect Lite can be used for all cancer types; this test is most frequently ordered for lung, colorectal, breast, ovarian, GIST, sarcoma, prostate and pancreatic cancers. Additionally, PositiveSelect Lite tests drug-resistant mutations and prognostic genes, which is almost never tested by routine diagnostics, enabling a much more complete and comprehensive solution.


Reports provides information that allows physicians to:

  • Better understand a patients’ risk for specific health conditions

  • Prescribe more suitable medications at optimal dosages for patients, as needed.

  • Suggest early lifestyle and diet interventions to help control or prevent certain health conditions.


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    Test 350 genes at an affordable price

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    Provides information  on Tumor Mutation Burden and Microsatellite instability

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