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Struggle:can''t keep weight off

posted on 11/28/2016 Facebook Facebook

Adrenaline signaling gene - ADRB2_2

"Oneperson will do diet program X and get incredible results, but when theirfriends try it, they won’t". It boils down to genetic variations—acrossquite a few genes. It may seem unrelated, but the fight-or-flight hormone,adrenaline, plays a role in relaxing skeletal muscle (which delays digestion),cardiovascular (increases heart rate, cardiac output, and regulates bloodpressure), respiratory, metabolic, and hormonal systems. 

Adrenalinesignaling gene - ADRB2_2
Men with a certain genetic variation ofADRB2_2 are more apt to have a heavier weight, BMI, and fat.If you have it, you''''re more inclined to struggle with obesity and have troublewith weight loss plans.

Fatand carb processing - PPARG 
This protein is a receptor that dictates how you store fat and how you breakdown glucose, which can determine your risk for obesity and diabetes, as wellas your response to saturated fats and power-based activities, indicating howeasy it is for your body to drop fat and respond favorably to exercise.

Genefor response to saturated fat intake - APOA2
APOA2 plays a role in fat metabolism, insulin sensitivity and obesity. Certainvariations are associated with a higher (more negative) response to a diet highin saturated fats and the likelihood of developing obesity. 

Start by nixing saturated fats from your diet andput your efforts toward high-intensity workouts over steady-state cardio. Turnyour workouts metabolic byintroducing plyometrics and strength and conditioning HIIT routines. Adopta sensible diet plan soyou have a better chance of dropping weight—and keeping it off. 


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