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Struggle: Lagging Metabolism

posted on 12/6/2016 Facebook Facebook

Genes for metabolism - UCP2 + UCP3

A certain genotype is linked to a faster metabolism and a lower risk of weight gain,particularly when combined with exercise, while another is linked to a more efficient metabolism that''s more prevalent in elite enduranceathletes.

If you have the "lower metabolic rate"response, your metabolism isn''t as efficient as someonewith the "higher metabolic rate" genotype. Because of this,you''re more likely to have a greater BMI and a lower aerobiccapacity sinceUCP3 is involved with how your muscles burn and metabolize fats.

The hack:
While we’re all born with a certain metabolic level, you can boost it and getyour network of hormones and enzymes burning food to fuel more efficiently. Forstarters, eat breakfast. A 35g protein breakfast is linked with greater weight loss,likely because you’re alerting your body to start churning and reducing theodds of snacking on poor-quality foods before your next meal. Make sure your cardioworkouts are metabolic, meaning they’re at an intensity whereyou ramp up the amount of calories you burn during the workout and maximizecalorie burn after the workout, and that you’re incorporating resistancetraining when you lift. Research also shows workingout in the morning, without breakfast, can also boost your metabolism.


Can''tditch that stubborn flab around your belly? Speed up your body''s fat-burningfurnace with these practical tips.

  • 1.  Pump Iron

  • 2.  Move Around More

  • 3.  Eat A Variety Of Whole Food

  • 4.  Don’t Go Too Low Incalories or Carbs

  • 5.  Feed Your Body When YouNeed To

  • 6.  Make Sure You Are NotStarving Yourself

  • 7.  Don’t Overdo Your Cardio

  • 8.  Drink Up Water!!!

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