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Reports provides information that allows physicians to:

  • Better understand a patients’ risk for specific health conditions

  • Prescribe more suitable medications at optimal dosages for patients, as needed.

  • Suggest early lifestyle and diet interventions to help control or prevent certain health conditions.


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  • onco

    Industry leading 592 genes tested

    World's most comprehensive NGS test

    Tests for Tumor Mutational Load and Microsatellite Instability which is relevant for Immunotherapy response

    INR 303875
    INR 357500

  • health_plus

    31% more accurate in identifying cancer driver mutations

    Better treatment recommendation

    Complementary consultation with your doctor

    INR 93925
    INR 110500

  • protect-25

    Best treatment recommendation

    Provides information on pathway analysis

    Includes Positive Bioscience expert comments and complementary consultation with your doctor

    INR 165750
    INR 195000

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